Texas Essentials: Porsche Nichole, Pretty Girls Boutique Owner, Fashionista

by Lisa Davis on September 17, 2020 in General, Lifestyle, Living Texas,
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With only a few dollars in her trendy handbag and a dream in her heart, Porsche Nichole set her biggest venture in motion. 

The Texas native had always wanted her very own clothing boutique. However, she didn’t exactly have a road map as to how to make that happen. The one thing Porsche did know for sure was that the business had to focus on women’s inner beauty. 

Porsche Nichole chose the name of her boutique because as she says, “I want every woman who wears my clothing to know and feel that they are pretty. And to remember that being pretty starts from the inside out.”
Photo courtesy Pretty Girls Boutique

After carefully researching the ins and outs of business ownership, Porsche opened her online-only shop Pretty Girls Boutique in April 2018. The newly crowned fashion store owner was determined to bring the latest fashion trends at affordable prices to her hometown of Sherman, Texas.

Porsche has some great advice for other females who want to become entrepreneurs. First off, make sure you’re passionate about the thing you want to do — not just today, but in the years to come. And ask yourself if you’re going to be okay with not making as much money at first. If you can answer yes to both, then get out there and start right now.

Keeping her finger on the pulse of  fashion, Porsche Nichole chooses clothing that’s not only comfortable and affordable. Courtesy photo

As Porsche enters her third year as owner of Pretty Girls Boutique, she continues to work hard in hopes of one day being known for her successful Black-owned boutique and the place women flock to when they need to add something to their fashion collection.  

We wanted to know what this Texas entrepreneur and trendy fashionista never leaves home without—also known as her Texas Essentials.

Porsche Nichole’s Texas Essentials includes pepper spray because a girl can never be too careful.
Photo courtesy Porsche Nichole

Yves St. Laurent Perfume, or Victoria’s Secret Body Spray 

I’m big on scents and smells. I have to smell good all the time. 

Antibacterial Hand Wipes, Sanitizer and Lotion

I’m a big germaphobe. 

Pretty Girls Boutique Lip Gloss And Shades

I love a good smelling and moisturizing gloss, and I do not like the sun blinding me. LOL.

Scope Mouth Spray or Gum 

Like I said, I’m big on smelling good at all times. 

Pepper Spray

Every girl needs protection or some sort.


Cover: Porsche Nicole, courtesy photo

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