The Art of the Scarf: How to Support the Fight to End Breast Cancer

by Bebe Brown on September 23, 2020 in Lifestyle, Fashion, Wellness,
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Fashion giant Talbots has partnered with three internationally renowned female artists to design a limited–edition silk scarf collection honoring National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Talbots will donate 10% of the net proceeds from each “The Art of the Scarf” Collection items sold from September 23 to October 31 in support of the Susan G. Komen Breast Care Helpline, with a guaranteed maximum donation of $50,000. Retailing at $79.50, and full of colorful metaphors and meaning, the 41” scarves evoke emotion with vibrant symbols of courage, strength and determination.

As you can see in this vibrant Talbots scarf, freelance graphic designer and illustrator Ali Mac’s love for all things colorful and quirky is evident in her work. @alimacdoodle Photo courtesy Talbots

The three scarves in the beautiful collection are long enough for lots of options for styling. Here are Talbots’ top tips for styling, as you help make a difference in the fight to end breast cancer.

1. Sweet and simple

Wrap the 41” square scarf around your neck twice and knot it for a timeless look.

2. Tie it back

Whether you have short or long hair, the scarf can be worn as a hair accessory, too. Fold it in half a few times and use it as a headband or tie it around a ponytail. 

Be stylish and support the fight to end cancer with scarves from Talbots, like this one from designer Ali Mac. Proceeds from scarf sales support the Susan G. Komen Breast Care Helpline. Photo courtesy Talbots

3. Let it flow

The long and lean look is mastered by wrapping the scarf around your neck and tying it loosely – it’s also the best way to show off the stunning design!

4. The tried and true triangle

Not only is this a stylish way to wear a scarf, it will also keep you warm and cozy! Fold in half diagonally, take the two adjacent points, wrap it around your neck and tie it in the front.

Designer Jessica Durrant mixes media and styles, catching the eye by rendering garments, like this scarf for Talbots, in strong colors while generating atmosphere and intrigue through the serene beauty of her models along with smaller details inspired by her background as a landscape artist. @jessillustrator Photo courtesy Talbots

5. Accessorize your accessories

Wrap the scarf around the handles of your handbag and voila! It’s like a brand new bag.

6. Belt it

Yes, this scarf is long enough to be worn as a belt! Simply lace it through your belt loops and tie it off-centered.

Whether they feature owls or dachshunds, ferns or flowers, Karen Mabon’s luscious patterns flow effortlessly throughout this multi-talented artist’s work. Based in London, Karen expertly brings the intricacies of nature to the fore, in a style that forms the basis of her award-winning accessories brand. @karenmabon Photo courtesy Talbots

Cover photo courtesy Talbots