15 Healthy Suggestions for a Better 2020

by Marika Flatt and Leean Vargas on January 29, 2020 in Gift Guides, Lifestyle, Wellness,
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Creating new, healthy habits can be challenging as our New Year’s resolve starts to fade.

Everyone has their own health-living journey, but it is up to you to make a change. Here’s a round-up of intriguing health products and self-care activities for a better mind, body and life in 2020. 

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Candy Couture California Scented T-shirts

There’s a strong tie between good smells and a positive outlook. Now, Candy Couture California has unveiled a line of deliciously scented t-shirts. They offer all kinds of scents from roses to lavender (who knew your t-shirt could help to calm you?), to even more exotic scents like bacon and motor oil (hmmmmm). Their one-of-a-kind scent-infused designs derive from an aromatherapy bundle that triggers your sensory experience. It put a smile on my face to smell roses all day long.  $79-109

Zion Health’s ClayDry Travel Deodorant 

Part of your 2020 healthy living goals might be to utilize “cleaner” toiletries and household items. If you’re looking for an aluminum-free, vegan deodorant, “Don’t sweat it!” Absorb those underarm odors with a variety of ClayDry deodorants that use essential oils and ionic clay minerals to keep you feeling fresh all day, even through those workouts. $3.49-$18

Outdoor Voices Workout Apparel 

We adore Austin-based Outdoor Voices who have created fashionable workout attire with all shapes and sizes in mind. We love their Spring Leggings, color-blocked ⅞ leggings that come in a variety of soft hues. We know that finding a full-support sports bra is a challenge for many women out there and we love their Zip Bra that zips up the front- no more struggle just to get a damp sports bra over your head post-workout! And, probably our fave—-the adorably-designed black and white polka dot Hudson running short, with the dots on the front and black and white color blocking on the back. As their slogan says, “Endorphins make you happy! #DoingThings.” $85/ $75/ $55

SimplyProtein Snacks — A Better Way to Snack

We’re already big fans of these clean, crisp and satisfying snacks which are perfect for tossing in a lunch bag, backpack or travel carry-on. Our favorites include the protein-laden, low sugar, low calorie Crunchy Bites. The bars are also packed with fiber and unlike any protein bar we’ve tasted. Now, keep an eye out for the newest addition, coming in April: the Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Crispy Bar. Can’t wait! $1.99-$11.44

Diamond Art Kit 

We all know that quiet activities we do with our hands can lead to a reduction in stress and anxiety. (Think coloring books.) Diamond Art Kits are a creative, easy way for people of any skill level to create beautiful works of art while feeling the benefits of a calming, meditative creation. Feel the stress melt away with this meditative craft while you place diamond after diamond on a color-coded canvas to create a vivid, shimmering work of art. $9.99-$59.99

KardiaMobile 6L

Many of us have heart health as a high priority. If you want to keep tabs on your heart’s electrical issues, such as “afib,” the KardiaMobile 6L is a clinical-grade personal EKG monitor recommended by many cardiologists for use at home. Kardia has the ability to capture a medical-grade EKG in 30 seconds anywhere/anytime, is FDA-cleared and is used by the world’s leading cardiac care medical professionals. You can store your EKGs on your phone, and email your EKG to your doctor with the press of a button. Another great feature is being able to easily download a 30-day report. Heart Health Month is coming up in February! $149

Live to Give H20

Live to Give is a new Texas-based bottled water brand that donates 50% of its net profits to charitable organizations that support military members, first responders and their families. Live to Give was founded by Green Beret John Wayne Walding who lost his leg in battle. His goal is to give back to those who risk their lives to serve. The water is crisp, pH-balanced and electrolyte enhanced for optimal taste and hydration. Keep these large water bottles in the fridge to grab and go. $29.99/12-pack

KGB Running Shorts

Ready to get your run on this year? It might still be cold, but KGB Running Shorts offer features we love, like a Smart Slot Waistband (carry essentials you need for a run), which is a sleek pocket that securely holds a cellphone, keys, cash, and even a 6 oz water bottle! The shorts are available for men and women and also include moisture-wicking fabric for max comfort. We love the body-form design, perfect for that 5K. $59.99

Build Muscle. Stay Lean. Get Stronger. A Daily Food and Exercise Journal to Track your Fitness Goals

If losing weight is one of your goals this year, this tracker (and what you write in it) can help you gain healthy muscle weight while managing your macros and exercise routine. Keep up with what you’ve eaten, when you ate it, and how it improved your body with this easy journal that will fit perfectly in your gym bag. With this tool, it’s easy to look back on your days/weeks to see your progress. $9.95


Need easy, healthy snacks to toss into kids’ lunchboxes? Luckybar is designed to meet nutritional guidelines for kids and their busy, active lifestyles. These tasty bars come in five different flavors and are low in sugar, carbohydrates, fat and sodium. They’re also small enough to fit in your purse, making it the perfect on-the-go snack for them or you! $9.99-$23.99



Don’t let an upset stomach ruin your whole day. TummyDrops are a natural choice for upset tummies for you or your family members. Made with just four simple plant-based ingredients, including ginger and peppermint, this tasty remedy will soothe your digestive issues to keep your day pushing forward. Carry these around in your purse or pocket for easy access. $10.99


Just as our bodies require care and exercise, so do our brains. BrainHQ provides the exercise your brain needs to be at its sharpest. With 29 online exercises, BrainHQ will give a useful, meaningful workout to your unique brain. Whether you’re a non-traditional brain (adult or kid with ADHD, for example), a senior wanting to stay sharp, a Type A personality wanting to relax, or a myriad of other personalities, stay on top of your game with this online tool. $14/month monthly subscription, $8/month annual subscription

Beautycounter with Jenna Grubbs

Founded in 2013, Beautycounter is a clean, high performing skincare and personal care products line. They’ve steadily added to their offerings, expanding into makeup, men’s products, kids and baby, sunscreen and just about any other product you put into your skin. Beautycounter’s mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. $25-$80

Gratitude with Attitude: A Journal by Ronnie Walter

Nothing is more important than a positive attitude when it comes to a healthy lifestyle—-that’s where it starts each day. And this daily journal helps you exercise gratitude before you exercise your muscles. Take just five minutes out of your busy day to unwind and reflect on how grateful you are, and that will align your mind/body/spirit approach to 2020. $11.99

 It’s Your Weirdness that Makes You Wonderful: A Self-Acceptance Prompt Journal by Kate Allan


Depression and anxiety affect lots of people but isn’t always comfortable to talk about. This self-acceptance prompt journal helps you navigate through your feelings with enlightening words and self-care practice. Not only is it a good resource, it’s also adorable and filled with colorful and creative affirmations and anxiety-reducing visual art. We love this for a tween or teen working on their mental health in 2020. (Remember that Mental Health Awareness Month is May!) $10.85

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