Texas Essentials: Carly Brasseux, Author “How To Hunt Like A Girl”

by Lisa Davis on January 27, 2020 in Entertainment, Lifestyle, Living Texas,
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Carly Brasseux’s hunting journey began because she fell in love with a true outdoorsman.

This love fueled her desire to connect more deeply with him but, during the process, she discovered herself. 

Carly Brasseux wrote her ebook in hopes of helping other women learn the foundations of hunting so they could come to appreciate it the same way she does. Courtesy photo

Brasseux began hunting at a ranch in South Texas, where she shot her first deer. It was only after buying land in the Texas Panhandle some time later that she learned the sport of hunting.She also learned it takes years to understand everything there is to know about the complex, delicately-balanced world of the outdoors and the wildlife that lives in it.

Starting out, Brasseux knew nothing about hunting and had difficulty locating information on the subject. After expressing her enthusiasm for the sport, Brasseux’s friend encouraged her to share her newly-found knowledge with other women interested in hunting. 

The huntress decided to write a quick reference guide for women to learn the fundamentals and basics of hunting without feeling overwhelmed by the information. Brasseux reached out to websites primarily focused on female hunters and, within nine months, she was guest blogging for nationally-recognized organizations and collaborating with industry-leading brands. 

“Spending time outdoors fuels my husband’s passion and now fuels mine as well,” Carly Brasseux says. She and her husband try and sneak away for kid-free weekends to spend time together outdoors together doing something they both love. Photo courtesy Carly Brasseux

In September 2019, less than one year after making the decision to write, the Dallas native launched her ebook, “How To Hunt Like A Girl.”  She adopted the name Miss Pursuit as an expression of her passion for all things outdoors, for educating women through her experiences, learning to hunt over the last decade and exploring the wild with her kids. 

For Brasseux, hunting isn’t just about killing animals. While she hunts frequently, she doesn’t  necessarily shoot during every hunt. “Hunting isn’t a reckless and careless thing,” says Brasseux.

A common misconception amongst the general public is hunters haven’t much respect for nature. In reality, the majority of  hunters have a profound and ethical respect for wildlife, which is one reason they lend their support to conservation efforts. On the flip side, conservation means maintaining a healthy capacity of herds by protecting their numbers. When overpopulation occurs, food sources become scarce resulting in  animals starving and suffering needlessly. 

We wanted to know what this writer and huntress never leaves home without—also known as her Texas Essentials.

These ‘essentials’ items aren’t just for hunting trips. Carly Brasseux  keeps her family, fringe boots, sunglasses and fleece not far from her reach. Courtesy photo

Great Fleece

The one I love the most isn’t any fancy brand name, just a comfortable fleece that I added a monogram to spice it up a bit.


As corny as it may be, our family is ride or die and whether it’s my husband, kids or all of us, we spend a lot of time together.

Goodr Sunglasses 

They are polarized, light-weight and budget-friendly. I’m obsessed with Goodr’s.

Carly Brasseux says, “Hunting isn’t a reckless and careless thing—most hunters have the utmost respect for our land and wildlife and know the bounty of our harvests not only feed our families, but
allow our populations to thrive.” Courtesy photo

Minnetonka Women’s Classic Fringe Boot

Great for quick trips to the store or a wine tour in the Hill Country.

Messy Up-Do

I’m not one to wear much makeup or blow-dry my hair, so a messy up-do is as good as it gets from this girl.

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