3 Reasons Lakeside City is a Great Place to Retire in Texas

by Alicia Holroyd on June 26, 2019 in Lifestyle, Living Texas, Travels,
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There are many great places to retire within the Lone Star State, and Lakeside City is one of the best.

The cost of living in Lakeside City is 13% lower than the United States average, according to livability score experts Area Vibes. Perfect for retirees who want to embrace the charms of “small town” living, Lakeside City has a small population, affordable real estate values and impressive natural beauty. Situated on scenic Lake Wichita’s south shore, this Archer County locale is a perfect place to put down roots during the golden years. It’s a place where it’s easy to connect with other older men and women and feel a sense of community.

Texas wisteria thrives in moist conditions and can be found in and around Lakeside City, Texas. Photo courtesy Tracy Smith of Off The Beaten Path Photography

1. Small towns appeal to you

Retirement is a time to live the dream. Some retirees dream of small town living that takes them away from the urban grind. With a population of just 982, Lakeside City is a place where people know one another. It’s not a metropolis where it’s all too easy to feel disconnected from others. Many seniors do feel isolated during their golden years, according to Psychcentral.com. In a smaller community like Lakeside City, people know each other and look out for their neighbors. Living in a tight community will help seniors feel closer to other people.

Lakeside City was founded during September of 1963. It’s not just for retirees who want the pipe and slippers lifestyle. It’s also a good choice for early retirees who want to enjoy small- town living, while being in very close proximity (14 minutes by car) to bustling Wichita Falls,. Since a bigger city is close by, Lakeside City offers small town charm without inconvenience. 

2. Real estate is very affordable

When it comes to retirement, some people need to keep a careful eye on their budgets. 

Retiring to Lakeside City, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of Lake Wichita which spans 2200 acres. Photo courtesy Lakeside City, Texas

In Lakeside City, the average cost of a home is a very reasonable $148,000. This is 20% lower than the national average cost for a home. Most people who live in the town own their homes. The rental rate is very low, at just 3%. Another bonus in choosing Lakeside City is its low crime rate. This idyllic locale features a crime rate that’s 65% lower than the U.S. average. As if these perks weren’t enough, the median age in Lakeside City skews older, which is good news for retirees.

3. Lakeside City features so much natural beauty

When you choose to retire in Lakeside City, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of Lake Wichita. This beautiful lake spans 2200 acres. There are also plenty of gorgeous and serene parks nearby, including Kiwanis Park and Lucy Park. This place is the perfect place to relax as you drink in the beauty of blue skies, green grass and picturesque waterways.

Small town living isn’t for everyone. However, those who appreciate it should think about putting down roots in Lakeside City during their retirement years. Lakeside City is a safe and peaceful area that offers so many benefits to retirees. It provides an authentic small-town experience, while being so close to all of the urban amenities of Wichita Falls. It’s an affordable place to live, with an older population. This community is a perfect place to call home.

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