Five Minutes with Bé Curtis, Member, Orangetheory Fitness Pflugerville

by Kinsley Fisher on November 28, 2018 in Lifestyle, Sports, Wellness, Living Texas, Austin,
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Bé Curtis is a 43-year-old stay-at-home mom with two children. About a year ago, Curtis decided she wanted to get her fitness level back on track so she could have more energy for her young family.

Just four weeks after joining Orangetheory Fitness Pflugerville, Curtis was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma. Despite the diagnosis, she chose to continue her journey to becoming the healthiest version of herself.

What brought you to Orangetheory Fitness?

A friend of mine had been attending OTF for quite some time and recommended that I take a class. Of course, I was apprehensive at first considering I’ve never taken high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes. Luckily, the Pflugerville studio was opening and I decided to give it a shot. I’m so happy that I did. It’s become an addiction for me.

Just four weeks after joining Orangetheory Fitness Pflugerville, Bé Curtis (center) was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma. “Although it may sound counterintuitive, OTF energizes me while on chemo treatments,” says Curtis. Courtesy photo

How has your health changed since joining OTF?

After being diagnosed, I was in shock and absolutely heartbroken. All the medical professionals recommended lots of rest because my cancer treatments would cause weakness and fatigue. One day, I decided I would let the doctors do what they needed in terms of my medical care, but I needed to do my part in beating cancer. I needed to survive for my children and my husband so I chose to continue working out at OTF. Although it may sound counterintuitive, OTF energizes me while on chemo treatments. Thankfully, just six months after starting treatments and continuously working out 3-4 days a week at OTF, I am in remission. Although I will have to continue to do my treatments for the next two years, I know that OTF will continue to help me on my journey of survival.

What transformations have you seen in your life?

After every class, I feel so strong, physically and mentally. OTF has helped me find the extra energy to be a better mother and wife. Thanks to OTF, I have found my inner warrior. I am able to wake up on the days that I do not want to go to class and recognize that it is on those days that I need it most.

What’s one thing you wish your 18-year-old self knew?

How important self care is. And that health and fitness are critical to overall happiness.  

How do you treat yourself when you reach a goal or feel especially on point?

My favorite thing is to go home and report back to my daughter. She gives the best high-fives and nothing beats hearing how proud she is of me.