#TravelTuesday: 6 Fun, Relaxing Things to Do in Glen Rose, Texas

by Jessica Serna on November 27, 2018 in Living Texas, Travels,
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A historic healing mecca, an African Safari where you can get up close and personal with giraffes, discovering dinosaur bones, a fairytale café, and the cutest downtown square. Glen Rose, a tiny town right outside of Fort Worth, has all of the ingredients you need for a weekend getaway of fun and relaxation all in one. Read below for some fun ideas for your next weekend trip!

Go on an African Safari

If you’ve ever wanted to go on an African Safari, but didn’t have the time to book a plane ticket for half way around the world don’t worry! Texas has it’s own impressive safari without the jet lag. Fossil Rim is a nonprofit 1,800-acre park that is home to over 1,100 animals, one of the top cheetah breeding programs in the world, and a large number of conservation efforts. You can either bring your own car or ride in one of the buses. During the ride you will go through different sections of the park and get to feed zebras, emus, deer and more. You might even have a giraffe pop inside your bus to say hello! For a romantic take, enjoy a private dinner over the safari.

Search for Dinosaur Tracks

At Dinosaur Valley State Park you can see the where dinosaurs roamed and walk in their footsteps! There are roped-off sections where you can easily see the dinosaur tracks or you can walk through the park and see if you can spot some on your own. Plus there’s a river running through the park for people who want to go swimming.

Stay at a Historic Inn

People used to come from all over the country to visit Inn on the River because of the natural healing springs on property. While those springs are no longer there, Inn on the River remains a restorative place of relaxation. Enjoy breakfast made fresh daily or relax outdoors in a chair while you watch the river flow by. In a time when our society is constantly go-go-go, it’s nice to unplug and live in the moment—which is what Inn on the River aims to help you do.

Visit a Fairytale Café

Storiebook Café is named so because of the owner’s name, Storie, and because of the fairytale setting. The restaurant is covered from floor to ceiling in books and they have a dress-up section for kids. Enjoy the eclectic décor of teapots, books, and art while chowing down on a delicious Reuben sandwich. Finish it off with a fresh cobbler or pie!

Explore Downtown Glen Rose

Sip on a decadent milkshake at an old-school soda fountain, browse through vintage goods, or shop for your next trendy outfit. Experience true Southern charm in the quaint downtown Glen Rose district while picking up gifts for family (or yourself).

Listen to Live Music and Eat Out Of This World Burgers

Loco Coyote is a great spot for live music on weekends and some crazy delicious food. If you want to try something truly unique you have to order the Jack Daniels BBQ burger. Just be warned. You will consider driving back to Glen Rose for months to come just because of that burger!

Jessica Serna is a Texas-based travel blogger whose goal is to encourage readers to get out and explore. Inspired by her time in Spain, Jessica fell in love with the travel lifestyle and wanted to have those same weekend adventures back home in Texas. She started My Curly Adventures to inspire others to spend money on experiences, not plane tickets.