Five Minutes With Beverly Martin, Founder of B. Everly

by Gabi De la Rosa on December 10, 2019 in Lifestyle, Fashion, Living Texas,
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Texas-based and woman-founded luxury jewelry at a modest price. It is what Christmas dreams are made of. Lucky for us, B. Everly launched its online shop just in time for the holiday season.

Aiming to disrupt the jewelry industry, this Texas wannabe is making its high fashion-inspired, statement pieces more accessible by offering them at a lower price point than usually found in the fine jewelry market. Using better gold and silver plating than the industry standard, the quality of B. Everly’s pieces are the brand’s highest priority.

B. Everly was founded with the goal of inspiring positivity by supporting mental health awareness, and it donates a portion of proceeds to organizations such as Dell Children’s Hospital and the Phoenix Center for mental health.

We sat down with founder Beverly Martin to talk about Texas style, jewelry trends, and why it is important to give back to the community.

B. Everly aims to disrupt the jewelry industry by making its high fashion-inspired, statement pieces accessible to everyone. Courtesy photo

What makes B. Everly different?

There are so many fabulous brands, looks and styles available that we truly love. We believe that the big, bold looks we’ve developed are what set us apart. Layering jewelry is fun, but we felt we could take it up a notch and add some drama. Our pieces are meant to be versatile, able to complement a simple white tee shirt or add a nice touch to a little black dress. Our brand embraces the core values of strength, love, peace, and unity, and we hope that through this and our mantra “Be Bold, Be You, B. Everly,” our statement pieces help our customers feel empowered to express themselves to the fullest.

Who is B. Everly’s ideal customer?

We don’t think we have one specific ideal customer. We honestly believe that our pieces can be worn by anyone, and we invite customers of every age, ethnicity, gender and background to ‘be bold’ and wear B. Everly.

B. Everly pieces are larger in size. Is jewelry trending that way?

We want to set trends. Small, dainty jewelry is comfortable, and we all love wearing our favorite smaller pieces in our daily lives. It will always be popular. We simply find less big and bold pieces that can have the same wearability… Sometimes one single statement piece is all you need.

Using better gold- and silver-plating than the industry standard, the quality of B. Everly’s pieces is the brand’s highest priority. Courtesy photo

Do you think Texas style is different from other places? 

We feel that Texas is a very diverse state, and thus we see a variety of popular looks in the styles here. While Texas is certainly known for particular aesthetics, Texas overall embraces trends from different cultures and has grown into a much more fashion-forward state. Our brand believes fashion is what you feel comfortable wearing and what you want to represent. We hope our consumers in Texas and beyond are empowered by our pieces to express themselves in any style.

Why is it important for you to have a charitable component to the company?

Mental health is one of our company’s passions, and we hope that as B. Everly grows, the brand will act as a catalyst for bringing more and more attention to mental health in our world. We want to be a part of the conversation surrounding the importance of mental health awareness, especially for children and young adults, and help support organizations that bring mental health issues to light.

What jewelry trends should we look for in 2020? 

Forecasting fashion trends is like weather forecasting, sometimes you’re right… but you never know! We are finding that more and more, people are wearing pieces that represent them as individuals and we want our brand to be that special piece in one’s collection. We’re also seeing men’s jewelry leveling up and pushing the envelope, and gender-neutral jewelry growing fast — our brand looks forward to growing into that market down the line.

Cover photo courtesy B. Everly

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