12 Holiday Book Gifts for All the Family

by The Texas Lifestyle Magazine team on December 11, 2019 in Gift Guide, Lifestyle, What I'm Reading,
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Shop here for great gifts for all the booklovers on your list. From kids to grandma and grandpa—you’ll find the perfect page-turners (and more) in our hand-picked gift guide.

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The Texas Nutcracker

This cute twist on a classic story will look great on your coffee table during the holiday season or be a fun gift for kid who enjoys history. In this Texas-themed retelling of the classic Nutcracker story, historical details blend with fiction and magic warps reality at Fort Davis. $16.99

A Wedding in December by Sarah Morgan

This festive novel follows the White family as they embark on their most intense family Christmas! Watch the wildness unfold at the youngest daughter Rosie’s winter wonderland wedding in this heart-warming, relatable and romantic holiday story. Perfect for that chick lit lover. $16.99

Ascending Power by Malcolm David Gibson

NFL quarterback Billy Strikeleather investigates the story of how a rare mineral discovery pits a small west Texas tribe against Big Oil, turning into a battle for survival leaving the world changed forever. $7.19/$18.29

An Alaskan Christmas by Jennifer Snow 

The first book in the contemporary romance series, Wild River, this story follows Erika Sheraton, a workaholic surgeon forced into taking a Christmas vacation. While visiting her friend in Alaska, Erika rekindles a long lost love, turning this white Christmas into a red hot one. $5.99

The Texas Ranch Sisterhood: Portraits of Women Working the Land

Photojournalist and writer Alyssa Banta spent over a year following more than a dozen Texas women through their grueling daily routines, from the messy confines of the working chute to the sprawling reaches of the back pasture. The result of this unprecedented access is an intimate portrait of the challenges and achievements of the ranch women of the Lone Star State, along with the land and livestock that sustain them. $29.99

A Mile Above Texas by Jay B. Sauceda 


Stunning aerial photographs taken during a 3,822 mile-circumnavigation of Texas offer fresh views of the beauty and diversity of the state’s natural and human landscapes. Over five days in 2015, photographer Jay B. Sauceda shot more than 44,000 photos from a single-engine Cessna, via handheld cameras and GoPros attached to the wings. $45

Amá: A Modern Tex-Mex Kitchen

Tex-Mex is a delicious, irreverent cuisine that combines the deep traditions of Texan and Mexican cooking. Think meaty stews, breakfast tacos, and tres leches cake. Home cooks will learn how to make them all-in addition to crunchy salads, slow-cooked meats, and fresh cocktails-in this collection of more than 100 recipes from San Antonio native and Los Angeles chef and restaurateur Josef Centeno. Presented in a colorful package with more than 100 food and atmospheric photos, this cookbook is a hands-on winner for anyone who loves big flavors, casual parties, and firing up the grill. $29.95

100 Houses: Nature and Nurture 

This book is jam packed full of exquisite photographs displaying a multitude of architectural designs. From traditional and modern, to grand villas and homes with small footprints; posh seaside or rural escapes, resplendent and remote cabins; urban townhouses and dream dwellings, there isn’t anything this book doesn’t cover. The gorgeous pictures transport you right to that dreamy location.Whether it be the Alpine Regions in Scandinavia, vibrant New York City neighborhoods or relaxed Australian brushland, this would make a great gift for that HGTV lover. $27.98

7 Days of Christmas: A Season of Generosity by Jen Hatmaker

Inspired by and adapted from her breakout book “7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess,” “7 Days of Christmas: A Season of Generosity” takes Texan Jen Hatmaker’s social experiment of restraint in seven key areas—food, clothes, spending, media, possessions, waste, and stress—and turns them into thoughtful and practical ideas for more generosity to capture the true spirit of Christmas. This small book will appeal to any woman on your list. $21.99

The Self-Care Planner by Meera Lester

For those who love planners and are working on taking care of themselves, this one helps you track your wellness goals. Set broad self-care focuses for each month, such as “instill calm” or “practice gratitude.” There are tips to help you care for your mind, body, and spirit each week, as well as space to write about how you’re feeling and how the practice is working. $17.99

 The No Worries Workbook by Molly Burford

There’s a lot to worry about right now, but this book is here to help you cope with your worries in a healthy, productive way. Packed with more than 120 coping exercises—from creative activities to journal prompts to cognitive exercises—”The No Worries Workbook” helps you redirect and be your own therapist. Hands-on activities refocus your attention away from unproductive thoughts. $16.99

JOMO by Jessica Misener

Want to be a homebody and snuggle up on a cold night? In JOMO, (aka, Joy of Missing Out), Misener details 350 ideas for staying in and remaining comfy, cozy and content at home. Tips range from Host a Horror Movie Night or Slow Down With the Five Senses, to DIY Spa Night or Have an At-Home Date Night. Save money by having fun at home instead of paying to go out and just be OK with it. It’s the perfect reason for cancelling plans. $14.99

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