Ruffles and Rust Expo

by Elaine Krackau on June 4, 2015 in Lifestyle,
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Camey Maldonado has always loved giving new life to old garage sale finds. After some new paint or upholstery, she would sell her refurbished items on Craigslist, and later opened an antique store on historical Route 66 in Amarillo.


With her love of the frilly and her husband’s love of the rusty, their store was quite unique, but after being inspired by visiting different cities and the unique stores home to each, they decided to sell the store and hit the road.


“My favorite part of traveling to a new city is shopping their downtown stores – that’s where you find the best one-of-a-kind specialty items. After we would get home I would always say I wish we had this store in Amarillo,” says Camey. “So my husband and I decided it would be cool to have all the stores in one location – a traveling boutique show!”

The Ruffles and Rust Expo is a traveling, sparkly, funky boutique show that hosts about 9 shows a year in different locations throughout Texas and Oklahoma.


Known for featuring vintage, hand crafted, home décor and boutique items, a typical show features about 80 vendors and offers more than 20,000 sq ft of shopping.

The vendors are boutique owners who go out of their way to find unique items specific to them. There are clothing vendors who spend hours at market, furniture vendors who spend days painting and refurbishing furniture, hand made vendors who spend weeks sewing a one of a kind baby outfit and home décor vendors who spend hours created original wall art and home furnishings.


What kind of shopper will appreciate such a show? Camey tells us, “The Ruffles and Rust Expo shopper is: infinitely curious • craves a good deal • never misses a good party and loves to host • is a sucker for luxury • values fun times with the girlfriends and a day out shopping is a must • views the world through rose colored glasses • is happiest surrounded by family and good friends • always enjoys a good sale • knows youth is a frame of mind • refuses to settle for mediocrity • values a good outfit • knows the latest styles • has a twinkle in their eye  • and most of all, seeks the originality only found at the Ruffles and Rust Expo.”


“As you can tell the theme in our show is ‘one of a kind uniqueness,’” says Camey. “It’s a shopping experience you won’t soon forget! It’s definitely not your grandma’s craft show!”

You can find the The Ruffles and Rust Expo 2015 dates here.

By Elaine Krackau