Turk De Soleli

by Amber Groce on June 6, 2015 in Lifestyle, Wellness,

Hiatus Spa + Retreat is known for its monthly spa retreats that take you to another world.

In June, take an exotic twist as their hydrotherapy suite is transformed into a Turkish Hammam.

To start the Turkish bath ritual, you will experience a foot soak where your therapist will have you choose a scent for the treatment. After you move to the massage table, alternating bowls of warm water cascade over you with entrancing rhythm. You are first covered in mountains of mint-infused suds, and then scrubbed with a customary woven Kese. Steam fills the air and a full-body clay mask cleanses even deeper. Warm water begins to pool around you and a drizzle of warm oil announces a head-to-toe massage as your mind drowns in the ambient echo of gentle water’s trickle. Now that you’ve been all but submerged in this Turkish bath delight, cool down with the Turkish Haze cocktail.

The treatment has all of the bath musts: soapy suds, steamy hot water, scents and tranquil sounds. Jet set off to Turkey today via Hiatus Spa + Retreat on West 5th in Austin or in Inwood Village in Dallas.