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by Julie Tereshchuk on April 24, 2019 in Lifestyle, Living Texas, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth,
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Bumble has changed the way people date, find friends and the perception of meeting online—and Alexandra ‘Alex’ Williamson is at the heart of this disruption.

With her unwavering passion for and belief in the Austin-based brand, which hangs its hat on empowering women, Williamson brings the innovative ideas of Bumble CEO and founder Whitney Wolfe Herd to life.

Raised in Alabama and Nashville, TN, Williamson came to Texas when she started school at Southern Methodist University, where she first met Wolfe Herd. The pair became fast friends, and Williamson was initially hired on a three-month contract to launch Bumble Dallas. Three weeks later, she was working for Bumble full-time. And hasn’t looked back since then.

Now an Austin resident, and with family living in Dallas, Alex Williamson, Chief Brand Officer at Bumble, says she definitely considers Texas home. Photo courtesy Bumble

“It has been an indescribable experience to help build something that has very fortunately been able to put good into the world with one of the people I love the most in my life,” says Williamson. “Whitney has been a fearless leader since the day I met her.”

Has Williamson used Bumble? “Of course! Everyone who works for Bumble uses it in some capacity.” With three modes, it’s so much more than a dating app, she explains. “You can use it even if you aren’t dating – for example, Bumble BFF is used for friend finding and Bumble Bizz is for people who want to grow their professional network.”

Named to Brand Innovators’ “Women to Watch” list for 2018, Bumble’s Alex Williamson has been featured in national news outlets like The New York Times, CNN and Bustle. Photo Kristen Kilpatrick

We wanted to know what this globe-trotting exec never leaves home without – also known as her Texas Essentials.

Best Skin Ever Face Oil, Seabuckthorn

I’m always changing up face oils, but I found this one at India Rose in Vancouver (you can get it at Nordstrom I believe) — and it doubles as a face wash and moisturizer. I’m super into it right now. I try to use as many all-natural products as I can, thinking that it will make me a healthier person. My mom says if I could do the same with food, I’d actually be healthy! If anyone has an all-natural, organic queso recipe they could send my way, I’m here for it.

Bumble Hoodie

I never go on a trip without my Bumble hoodie – for several reasons. One is that I feel like a walking billboard for our brand. So many people will approach me while I’m traveling if I have Bumble gear on to tell me how they’ve met their partner on our app! Also, if I want to zone out or sleep while traveling, a hoodie pulled over my head and sunglasses is my go-to power suit on flights.

Eye Mask

I always try to keep an eye mask in my purse to slip over my eyes when I’m meditating and when I have a hard time falling asleep.


I am in love with AirPods. If I’m traveling solo, I always have soft music playing. I’m a weirdo about putting the phone up to my ear (I hate doing it) so if my AirPods are dead and we’re on the phone, you’re on speakerphone in public. Blanket apology.

Ellis Brooklyn Fawn Perfume

This is a non-toxic perfume and the scent makes me feel confident. What’s not to love about that?

Senreve Maestra Bag

For traveling, I love my Senreve bag and the fact that I can wear it as a backpack or a tote. It’s scratchproof, water-resistant, and packed with pockets, which makes it perfect. It’s also a great size that can fit under an airplane seat. It’s chic and feminine, but also versatile enough to keep up with everyday tasks. Carrying a backpack on long travel days has been game-changing for me. I can’t say it has fixed my posture, but it’s definitely a start.

Cover photo, Alex Williamson by Kristen Kilpatrick

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