Ivy Scholars for the Win! Early preparation for competitive college admissions can make or break chances

by Tucker Flatt on August 25, 2022 in Living Texas,

Prepping for standardized tests, followed by college applications and scholarships can be a very stressful time for many young adults.
Ivy Scholars provides professional services to help students at this stage in their lives. 


From SAT/ACT prep to writing college essays, these tutors have designed structural lessons in order to reach one’s full academic potential. These tutors aren’t only looking for academic success from their students, they strive to create a real relationship in order to instill confidence and reassurance.

Work with your tutor one on one to achieve everything you need for your future. Photo Courtesy Ivy Scholars

With a designed online schedule, tutors are able to work with students with changing schedules and optimistic flexibility. 

Even though the SAT (or ACT) test seems like a big scary monster, the Ivy Scholars tutors help break down the test, teaching the secrets to solve the ultimate puzzles and help students change the way they look at the test. From mistake journals to one on one time, everything you need in order to reach maximum success can be found at Ivy Scholars.

Bond with other students in the same situation as you during tutoring. Photo Courtesy Ivy Scholars

From my personal experience, college applications seemed like a lot to handle, and I didn’t know where to start. Yet, by meeting once a week with my tutor, I was able to tear away at the application process one step at a time, eventually submitting my applications with confidence and getting into my dream school (Whoop!). And, for college essays, the Ivy Scholars team goes through multiple tutors with an entire editing process in order to assure maximum online reviews and storytelling capabilities.

Making that connection with your tutor gives you more confidence and motivation during the test taking and application process. Photo Courtesy Kaleidico on Unsplash

I was able to create an authentic partnership with my tutor, bonding over sports and traveling. He made it very clear that anything I needed, even outside of college applications, he could help. Having a mentor with that much literature experience and authentic character made the college application process feel so much easier.

With college admissions being more competitive than ever before, it is important that you are one step ahead and prepared for anything. 


Cover photo from Romain Dancre on Unsplash

Tucker Flatt is a loud and proud member of the Class of 2026 at Texas A&M University.