Weekender: A Taste of Luxe and Scotch Whiskey at The French Room Bar

by Alex Temblador on April 19, 2018 in Living Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth, Drink,
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Sitting with a drink in hand from the French Room Bar in the newly re-imagined Salon, there was little reason for me to move.

A pianist played tunes that varied in tempo, some with hints of blues. The walls were decorated in awe-inspiring and engaging artwork, the likes of which stretched the limits of imagination and inspired conversation. A night at The Adolphus Hotel’s French Room Bar and Salon dominated my senses. The whole was distinguished and rich.

Arriving at The Adolphus Hotel, I soon discovered that this was not the same hotel that Dallas had come to know and love since 1912. It recently underwent a full restoration and renovation that transformed the historic giant in downtown Dallas into an artfully combined destination, part elegant historic details and part posh, high-end designer decor.

The beautifully appointed French Room Salon at the Adolphus Hotel; the perfect setting for a Glenmorangie whiskey tasting. Courtesy photo

After a ride up the escalators that sit in the shadow of a superb glass chandelier, I got my first look at the Drawing Room, a space with retro and vintage-style furniture, top-notch art, and a community of travelers and guests working and interacting. A quick tour through the hotel, and it was clear that The Adolphus had changed the name of their hotel game. Luxurious details rang out at every turn—a newly-built spa, a rooftop pool with great views, a fitness center with On-Demand workout programs, and City Hall Bistro, a made-over restaurant sporting a bright and chic design.

Finally, I made my way to the French Room Bar for a Glenmorangie tasting in the intimately lit room, complete with a crackling fire. We inhaled the whiskey, let it sit on our tongues, and searched for the right terms to describe the taste – dignified, balanced, rich, subtle – descriptors that ironically could be used to describe the property’s new look.

The French Room Bar at Adolphus Hotel is intimately lit, with a rich, welcoming atmosphere that makes it hard to leave. Courtesy photo

It was hard to leave the French Room Bar when the tasting was done. The seats were plush and cozy, the atmosphere utterly intimate and delightful, and the tunes that carried in from the Salon, soothed the conversation with newly-made friends. If The Adolphus Hotel’s intent with their new restoration was for me to want to stay in a hotel in the same city in which I live for no other reason but to bask in the ambiance – it accomplished it’s goal.

Alex Temblador is a novelist and travel writer based in Dallas, whose work has appeared in outlets such as Oyster, Matador Network, Culture Trip, Huffington Post, among many others. She is @alextemblador