How We Save Thousands Every Year by Living in Portugal

by Terry Coles on September 22, 2021

After taking early retirement, Texans Terry and Clyde Coles wanted a travel-rich lifestyle. First, they ventured to Panama, then spent a couple of years housesitting, roaming the globe rent-free. Today, they’re settled in sun-soaked Portugal....

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Five Simple Steps to a Healthier Life for All

by Desirae Pierce, Breath and Body Yoga on May 21, 2020

Fourteen years ago, my 73-year-old mother embraced yoga. Today, she is living her best life. Now more than ever, nothing is more important than your health and creating space in your life for self-care. Your...

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15 Healthy Suggestions for a Better 2020

by Marika Flatt and Leean Vargas on January 29, 2020

Creating new, healthy habits can be challenging as our New Year's resolve starts to fade. Everyone has their own health-living journey, but it is up to you to make a change. Here’s a round-up of...