Show Mom How Much You Appreciate Her: 17 Great Gifts

by The Texas Lifestyle Magazine team on April 22, 2021

Whether you call her Mom, Mamma, Mommy, Mother — or something else entirely — you’ll find the perfect gift here. Yes, it’s easy to treat her on her special day. BIG TICKET GrandPad Tablet for...

Celebrate the Month of Hope with Texas Nonprofit, Women’s Storybook Project

by Gracie Watt on April 20, 2021

Children of the incarcerated are often the forgotten victims of crime. Women’s Storybook Project works to help these children reconnect with their mothers through the joy of literature.  Women’s Storybook Project of Texas(WSP), is run...

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Five Minutes With Erin E. Hooley, Founder/CEO, Bailey’s Blossoms and Peyton Bre

by Julie Tereshchuk on April 22, 2020

If founding one multi-million dollar e-commerce clothing line is an accomplishment, what name do we give it when someone has founded two? Answer: Erin E. Hooley. Yes, with no degree and no formalized training (she...

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Five Minutes With The Mommie Series Founder, Misti Pace-Krahl

by Emily Bond on October 22, 2019

Mommy knows best? The Mommie Series absolutely does, especially when it comes to throwing events to bring Houstonians together. Founded by Texas Woman’s University alum, Misti Pace-Krahl, the fashionable entrepreneur has been throwing Mommie Series...