Celebrate 10 Years of Willie — the Luck Reunion is Back!

by Brian Maass on March 2, 2022

After missing the past two years, the Luck Reunion is back for its tenth anniversary! Willie Nelson and close to 40 bands will take to the stage Thursday, March 17 at Willie’s beloved Luck, TX...

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#TXPlaylist Vol. 09, Brandon Alan’s Lockdown Listening

by Brandon Alan on April 27, 2020

The culture of music in Texas is truly unlike any place in the world. Artists of multiple genres have had a global impact with their music and “Local Texas Music” is not a term that...

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Rounding Up the Top 5 Music Picks at Houston Rodeo 2020

by Richard Bonnin on March 5, 2020

We wait all year for the shiny belt buckles, cowboy hats, Ferris wheels and over-sized corn dogs that are a prelude to the bucking bronco and bull riding events that have made the Houston Livestock...

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The Quebe Sisters Bring Their Latest Sound to Austin’s Stateside at the Paramount

by Lisa Davis on October 2, 2019

The Quebe Sisters bring innovation to classic Western swing while maintaining their 1940s-era big band sound. For more than 15 years, The Quebe Sisters (rhymes with maybe) have been entertaining audiences with their one-of-a-kind style...

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#MusicMonday: The Stars Align at Willie’s Fourth of July Picnic

by Christian De Massis & Julie Tereshchuk on July 15, 2019

Willie Nelson’s Fourth of July Picnic just wouldn’t be the same without—-of course—the red headed stranger himself. Yet, it’s not just about Willie. In fact, the iconic headliner puts together a line up of music...

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Destination Austin (and Willie!) this 4th of July

by Britni Rachal on June 24, 2019

The Lone Star State’s favorite red headed stranger is at it again. Texas’ most beloved son, Willie Nelson, is holding his fourth annual 4th of July Picnic at Circuit of the Americas, making Austin a...

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The Head and the Heart Meet the Outlaws

by Will Maddox on July 12, 2018

Let’s be honest. June 30 is not the ideal time for an outdoor musical festival in Texas, but by some miracle of space and time, Dos Equis Pavilion was just cool enough to forget about...