Drink (And Eat) Your Way to Health at Second Bar + Kitchen in Mineral Wells

by Martin Ramirez on November 4, 2023 in Travels,

It’s true, there’s no shortage of small-town gems spread throughout Texas. Each of them are unique, embodying their own local flair while still representing something great about the Lone Star State. In October, beloved Austin brand Second Bar + Kitchen (SBK) debuted its third location at The Crazy Water Hotel, cementing Mineral Wells as a premier destination for any Texas enthusiast seeking small towns rich with history, wellness, and amazing gastronomic experiences.

On October 27, Second Bar + Kitchen opened to the public to bring local farm to table dishes and craft cocktails to Mineral Wells. Photo courtesy The Crazy Water Hotel.

Second Bar + Kitchen: Modern American Cuisine with Rustic Texas Charm

Located in the lobby of The Crazy Water Hotel, Second Bar + Kitchen offers a seasonal farm-to-table American fare that is elegantly crafted, locally sourced, and in true Mineral Wells spirit, centered on health and wellness with vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and alcohol-free alternatives.

Chef Bull leads a wonderful staff in preparing deliciously designed meals with wellness in mind. Photo courtesy The Crazy Water Hotel.

The menu is the brainchild of Chef David Bull, who combines familiar SBK favorites like the black truffle pomme frites, brussels sprouts, and soba noodles with dishes inspired by local ingredients sourced from North Texas partners like Rocky Hills Farms and River Valley Farms. There truly is no wrong choice when considering your lunch or dinner options as Chef Bull has carefully crafted this gastronomic experience for patrons that is both reflective of the town’s wellness-minded identity and SBK’s culinary sophistication.

Farm to Market salad includes a wonderful array of fresh locally sourced ingredients. Photo courtesy The Crazy Water Hotel.

Be sure to indulge in SBK cocktail options as they do not disappoint with their libations, offering curated cocktails with Crazy Water twists. Make them alcohol free for the vitamin charged jumpstart to your day or a guilt free nightcap to cleanse your body and soul.

Second Bar + Kitchen’s craft cocktails are second to none. Photo courtesy The Crazy Water Hotel.

Reservations can be made through Resy via The Second Bar + Kitchen website.

The Crazy Water’s Hotel has been restored to a time capsule reminiscent of its early days. Photo courtesy The Crazy Water Hotel.

The Crazy Water Hotel: Where History is Alive and Well

Built atop a famous mineral water well in 1912, the original hotel included over 200 rooms that once accommodated the likes of Judy Garland and even the infamous Bonnie and Clyde. In the years that followed, the Crazy Water Hotel experienced everything from condemning fires to hosting dignitaries, radio shows, galas, and weddings. And for all the highs and lows, the hotel ultimately closed its doors in 2013.

The newly restored pavilion houses many retail options to include a café with Crazy Water infused drinks. Photo courtesy The Crazy Water Hotel.

With the help of local investors in 2018, extensive restoration efforts went underway to return the hotel back to its original glory. After much anticipation, The Crazy Water Hotel reopened its doors in 2021 as a multi-use facility with apartments, Airbnbs, and event spaces. Additional restorations include an indoor shopping pavilion which houses retail stores and the Crazy Water Cafe and Water Bar, where gourmet coffee, teas, and house made sodas are made with…you guessed it, Crazy Water.

Restored rooms include sleek and rustic kitchenettes complete with glassware, silverware, and plating for in room dining. Photo courtesy The Crazy Water Hotel.

The Crazy Water Hotel now offers 62 beautifully designed suites and 12 apartments for those looking to become locals. Each room reflects a stylishly modern yet subtly antiqued design while invoking Texas charm in the details with unfinished wood accents, elegant upholstery, and clean straight lines.

Inviting rooms are comfortably designed for rest and relaxation following a day of natural adventures and small-town walking. Photo courtesy The Crazy Water Hotel.

For a room reservation, please visit TheCrazyWaterHotel.com.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Mineral Wells, The Crazy Water Hotel offers walking distance to many shops and sites to include the famous Baker Hotel. Photo courtesy The Crazy Water Hotel.

A Timeless Tradition, A Unique Experience

Second Bar + Kitchen’s arrival comes after Mineral Wells has just been named the Wellness Capital of Texas, an official state legislative decision based on the town’s historical identity, natural bounty, and its timeless tradition enhancing the well-being of its citizens and visitors. And it’s obvious with SBK’s delectable menu that focuses on natural, local ingredients, its superb and knowledgeable staff led by Chef Bull, and its home among The Crazy Water Hotel’s rich historical walls, that it is where it genuinely belongs. The question is, why aren’t you? Come hungry, come thirsty. Come seeking wellness and relaxation in a unique Texan experience. Here in Mineral Wells, there’s a seat at Second Bar + Kitchen where you belong.


  Cover photo courtesy The Crazy Water Hotel

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