Get Out! Camp Fimfo in the Texas Hill Country Makes the Outdoors More Fun

by Marika Flatt on October 19, 2023 in Travels,

Sometimes, in the hot summer months in Texas, we tend to have to stay inside for our fun: FIMFI (fun is more fun indoors)! But head to “the great outside” where fun is more fun outdoors (FIMFO)!

Take a dip in the Guadalupe River while enjoying the beautiful view. Photo Addison Wittry, Courtesy Camp Fimfo.

Part dude ranch, part summer camp, part resort, Camp Fimfo sits right on the popular Guadalupe River about 1+ hours from Austin and a little less than an hour from San Antonio.

Once you drive through the large gates, you’re invited to go down the rabbit hole into a rustic wonderland.

All RV sites offer water, electric and sewer hookups with concrete pads and patios, and charcoal grills. Photo Addison Wittry, Courtesy Camp Fimfo.

Spread out on many acres, accommodations are plentiful. Guests can reserve a stay in something as simple as an RV site or as intricate as a tiny home on stilts with a private bathroom down the street. They also have three-bedroom cabins, other tiny homes, and even the most adorable A-framed yurts sitting right on the river bank (there’s only 3 of those so book early).

Cruise down Fimfo’s camp resort in a golf cart and explore the campsite. Photo Addison Wittry, Courtesy Camp Fimfo.

After you select your accommodation, make sure you go ahead and reserve a golf cart. Because the property is very spread out, most visitors choose to motor around on their cart, per the 5 mph speed limit.

Fimfo also offers a four-person tree top cabin that includes a private hot tub. Photo Addison Wittry, Courtesy Camp Fimfo.

The three-bedroom cabins sleep 12, but this is an extremely efficient use of space. There is only one bathroom, but considering others have to walk down the street for their restroom, you’ll feel a lot of gratitude for your in-cabin toilet.

Bask in the beautiful views of Fimfo with a patio included in the Coyote cabins. Photo Addison Wittry, Courtesy Camp Fimfo.

The kitchen and living area are also small, but as the name says, fun is more fun outside, so you are encouraged to sit on your covered patio complete with a picnic table.

Fimfo offers the option of tiny homes for those visiting with a smaller group. Photo Addison Wittry, Courtesy Camp Fimfo.

Enjoy the personal hot tub sitting beside the deck of the cabin, which is actually pleasantly cool for the warmer months. Tips for staying in a cabin would include bringing: your own paper goods as there is no dishwasher, your own bath products, wine glasses, and even throw in a dish towel or two.

The Cliff Carver is an alpine coaster that is the first and only in Texas. Photo Addison Wittry, Courtesy Camp Fimfo.

What makes Fimfo so extra special is not only the beautiful property and the riverfront, but also the unique park amenities. Start with getting tickets to the hillside coaster, The Cliff Carver. You’ll make a reservation for a particular time and then will stand in line on a busy day. After you enjoy the thrill of the ride, head over to enjoy the No Dive Bar pool. Thrill seekers can also enjoy the water park right next door to the pool area.

Splash your way into Fimfo’s pool, interactive water playground, and water slides with the whole family. Photo Addison Wittry, Courtesy Camp Fimfo.

And you don’t even have to worry about bringing all of your own food and beverages because there is a restaurant, The Filling Station, and Squirrley’s Tavern onsite. Other features include a general store, miniature golf, gem mining, sport courts and a playground for the littles.

Make the most of your stay at Camp Fimfo filled with memories and adventure. Photo Addison Wittry, Courtesy Camp Fimfo.

When it comes to family vacations, reunions and special gatherings, fun really is more fun outdoors.

Check out more about Camp Fimfo in this recent TV segment.


Cover Photo Addison Wittry, Courtesy Camp Fimfo.

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