Tuesday Travels: Where To Go? Just Ask!

by Paxton Kelly on June 2, 2015 in Travels,
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As summertime draws near, the question that looms over our heads is “where to go for summer vacation?” If you’re the type who wants to travel everywhere, but are too indecisive or you’ve got a large family who each have their own dream vacation ideas, by the time you make any headway your summer will have come and gone. Sometimes you just need an objective opinion from a third-party who can make the choice for you. iGottaAsk.com is just the site for that!

Austin-based tech startup Knowingly created iGottaAsk.com as a site that allows users to pose questions and gain wisdom from the crowd; allowing others to voice their opinions on users’ choices and decisions. Knowingly CEO Byron Reese says, “There’s an interesting trend in society, in which decisions are made by crowds. People don’t like to make decisions about their own lives, but we love to chime in on others’ lives.”

How does it work?

iGottaAsk.com is similar to Yahoo Answers in that it’s an open forum for questions, but what makes the two different is that iGottaAsk.com allows users to enter several answers for people to choose from and see the popularity counts for each choice. Plus, it makes it easier for people to use with one hand on their mobile devices.

You can choose to register an account and create a username for yourself or you can choose to ask a question anonymously. Just enter the title of your question, give a brief description if you wish, list up to five possible answers and then select your question category. For any travel related questions, iGottaAsk.com has a category specifically for all Travel & Adventure questions.


Thinking about trying out a home rental and want to know which has the best safety guarentee?


Looks like Airbnb takes the cake!


Not sure where to go for Spring Break? List your options and see which destination racks up the most votes.


The people have spoken! Now it’s up to the user to decide whether to take it or leave it.

If you yourself are quite the travel aficionado, then share your suggestions and opinions you’ve acquired from your own adventures with others. Fair warning though, it’s addicting! Once you answer a question, the next one loads within four seconds and the next thing you know, you’ll have spent a solid hour solving the world’s travel dilemmas.

From Career questions like, “Should I join the Army,” to lifestyle ones such as, “Where’s the best place in LA to go shopping,” you can ask whatever you want! The internet is crawling with opinions from people across the globe, itching to share their experiences with one another. Crowdsourcing is an invaluable resource that can help you decide where your next vacation will be and how you spend it. Get asking now!

By Paxton Kelly