Napa Valley Wines Take Center Stage

by Marika Flatt on September 7, 2022 in Food+Drink, Drink,

We recently had the pleasure of visiting the Napa Valley area and brought you all the juicy details (pun intended!).

Photo Courtesy Fantesca Estate and Winery from Unsplash

Napa Valley, California, has some of the most perfect climate and soil conditions to grow grapes for their famous wine, well-known all over the country. Napa Valley creates various one-of-a-kind wines, making it easy to find that perfect pairing with a delicious meal. Whether you find these varietals in a store, order them online or make the trek to visit the winery itself, you’re sure to enjoy them until the last drop. Cheers!

Fish, Game Meats, and Nutty Flavors:

Photo Courtesy from Palmaz Vineyards

2018 Palmaz Vineyards Amalia Chardonnay

The beautiful pale yellow of the 2018 Chardonnay from Palmaz Vineyards gives a whirlwind of powerful fruity flavor. The mango, papaya, honeysuckle and the tart green apple gives a powerful aromatic presence with a balanced taste. A perfect chardonnay for a late night dinner party or a mid-day get together. $70 

Fatty Fish, Chicken, or Pasta:

Photo Courtesy from EnRoute

2019 EnRoute Les Pommiers Pinot Noir 

This flagship wine reflects the beauty of the Russian River Valley of California. The mulled blood orange, raspberry and strawberry notes of this 2019 EnRoute “Les Pommiers” Pinot Noir are blended together to create this special wine. This epic fruity flavor is combined with a savory mineral taste to create an interesting intrigue to this wine that will make you keep on sipping. $60

Steaks, Roasted or Grilled Lamb, and Hard Cheeses:

Photo Courtesy from Palmaz Vineyards

2017 Palmaz Cabernet Sauvignon

Surviving through the Napa wildfires, this wine combines the chaos of the harvest and the fresh, ripened fruit of the forest. Containing only pre-fire fruit gives the wine an elegance and a precision of flavor that will give you a long finish that only gets more satisfying with each sip. The intense flavors are intentionally and thoughtfully blended that creates an initial restraint to a revelation of flavors. $165

2018 Bella Union Cabernet Sauvignon 

The blending of Napa Valley’s famous cabernet sauvignon creates this one of a kind wine from Bella Union. The generous aromas of blackberries fresh from the bush followed by flavors of raspberry preserves and leather accents create this layered red wine. The undertones of cocoa and baking spice create a special experience every time you pop a new bottle. $80

Savory Meats and Dark Chocolates:

2019 Post & Beam Cabernet Sauvignon

The well rounded and textured palette of the 2019 Post & Beam Cabernet Sauvignon is another level of decadent. The deep roots of the toasted espresso aftertaste and the botanicals accents are perfect for a late night drink or to finish off a dinner party. The soft red fruit flavors create a relaxing tone for any situation. $56.99

Photo Courtesy from ADAMVS

2016 ADAMVS Teres Cabernet Sauvignon

A female-led and organic winery, ADAMVS lives on an 80-acre estate with its own tasting room and wine library (how fantastic!). Their 2016 ADAMVS Cabernet Sauvignon embodies their harvesting and winemaking efforts with its complex aromatics of blackberry, graphite, baking spices and fresh leather.The lush, fresh and dark roots of the cabernet give you a long and decadent finish. If you can’t visit the wine library, create your own and settle in to sip on this beauty. 

Photo Courtesy from Gracianna Vineyards

2019 Gracianna Stagecoach Vineyard® Cabernet Sauvignon

An award winning wine, the 2019 Gracianna Stagecoach Vineyard® Cabernet Sauvignon originates from one of the finest and most iconic vineyards in Napa Valley. A complex wine with multiple flavors of roasted coffee bean, dark chocolate, mocha and  beautiful tannins allow for beautiful aromatics and taste with each sip. This is a special bottle that you’ll want to open and share with those you love. They don’t distribute so this one might be cause for a trip to Napa! $128


Cover Photo Courtesy Ugi K. from Unsplash

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