4 of the Best Coffee Shops in Dallas, Texas

by Ali Holroyd on May 8, 2019 in Dallas/Fort Worth, Drink,
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More than 150 million Americans drink coffee daily, with around 24,000 coffee shops across the country dispensing the hot (or cold, your choice) nectar-like caffeinated beverages.

Texas is definitely in on this trend and is home to many of these coffee shops. Dallas, in particular, has some coffee shops that stand out for brewing the best cup.

Plus, these Big D coffee shops know that, while coffee is certainly important, it’s also just the start for a successful shop. Donating profits to the local community, creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere and experimenting with new flavor combinations is what gives them the edge.

Houndstooth Coffee Shop

As a locally owned and operated business, Houndstooth Coffee seeks to be an integral pattern in the fabric of the Texas Coffee community. Photo courtesy Houndstooth Coffee

This Austin-based customer favorite opened their first shop in the Capitol City in 2010, expanding into Dallas in 2014. By 2018,  one of their Big D locations was crowned the “most beautiful” coffee shop in Texas by Architectural Digest. They’ve become an important part of the Dallas coffee community and pride themselves on well-trained baristas who can serve up the best cup of coffee to any customer in a timely and friendly manner. The “most beautiful” coffee shop, located at 1878 Sylvan Ave E150, even has an adjoining cocktail bar for when customers are ready to move on to the hard stuff.

Fiction Coffee

Fiction Coffee strips down the pretentiousness of coffee to give everyone, no matter their level of coffee understanding or experience, the best quality coffee product. Photo courtesy Fiction Coffee

Striving to become the most welcoming coffee shop in Dallas, Fiction Coffee, previously known as Method Coffee, wants every customer to feel at home, whether they’re a coffee enthusiast or someone who just enjoys the occasional brew. Baristas like to experiment with different ways of making a cup and try out new recipes, flavors and combinations regularly, always using the finest coffee beans. Each morning they offer tacos and even have a secret menu that customers can only order from by asking the barista directly. The shop is in East Dallas at 1623 North Hall Street and stays open until 6 pm daily, making it easy to grab a great cup of coffee anytime.

Oak Lawn Coffee

Oak Lawn Coffee believes that serving people excellent espresso, carefully crafted coffee and delectable fresh baked pastries goes hand in hand with creating an environment where people feel like family.
Photo courtesy Oak Lawn Coffee

Making a positive impact within their Dallas community has been a priority for Oak Lawn Coffee since opening their locally-focused coffee shop in 2011. Every one of their brews is well-crafted and made with great care and patience to ensure only the best is served to their customers. The coffee shop is very involved in the local community and gives 10% of their profits to local nonprofits and community-building programs. Each month they hold events and exhibits that feature local artists and their work, which is available for purchase. Oak Lawn also specializes in pairing great pastries with their coffees and teas. The coffee shop can be found at 2720 Oak Lawn Avenue.

1418 Coffeehouse

1418 Coffee in Dallas believes coffee knowledge should be accessible to anyone, so they started a series of blogs called ‘Demystify’ where they explain some of the more complicated aspects of coffee. Photo courtesy 1418 Coffee

Serving customers who want to sit down and enjoy a coffee in a laid-back environment where they feel as comfortable as they would in their own homes is the goal for 1418 Coffeehouse. They also understand that not everyone has time to do this so they have a wide array of food and drinks that are grab and go. Food is tailored to the seasons, so there’s something warm, like delicious pastries, to enjoy in the winter, or something refreshing for hot days. 1418 is located at 1418 K Avenue in Plano.

Cover photo courtesy Afta Putta Gunawan from Pexels

Ali Holroyd spent 10 years working in professional kitchens in Houston before taking a career break to start a family. She now combines her lifelong love of writing with her experience in the food and nutrition sector as a freelance writer and content editor. Alicia lives in Clearlake with her husband, two daughters and her black lab, Rosie.