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Are We There Yet? Top 12 Essentials For Your Holiday Family Road Trip

by The Texas Lifestyle Magazine team on November 6, 2020

Let us help you get ready for that epic family holiday road trip with these get-you-there-faster essentials. According to a recent survey conducted by travel booking site Hopper, 55% of respondents said the holidays will...

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Fall Gift Ideas That Will Leaf You Smiling

by Leean Vargas on October 23, 2020

With Halloween and Thanksgiving around the corner, the smell of sweet apple cinnamon, pumpkin spice and colorful fallen leaves fill the air. There’s plenty of things to enjoy this time of year. From cozy candles,...

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Five Minutes With Caleb Owen Everitt, Co-Founder of LAND

by Gabi De la Rosa on December 16, 2019

He knows a thing or two about luxury products. As the co-founder of Austin-based design firm LAND, Caleb Owen Everitt’s portfolio includes Hermes, Nike, Vans, Warbly Parker and Patagonia just to name a few. His...

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Fit for Fall: 19 Items to Amp Up Your 2019 Fitness

by Marika Flatt on September 27, 2019

Fall is my favorite time to get fit. The debauchery of summer (travel, boozy happy hours, no morning alarm...) is over and it’s time to buckle down and focus on healthy living. That means different...