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Five Minutes With Kathleen Trotter, Author & Fitness Guru

by Lisa Davis on March 25, 2019

“Understanding what fit will look like on you is motivating because it is realistic and grounded in your goals and past experiences.” Kathleen Trotter’s book, 'Your Fittest Future Self', breaks down the pros and cons...

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5 Safety Tips For Kids Playing Sports in Winter

by Donna Fitzgerald on January 24, 2019

Playing sports in school is a really great way for your kids to stay active as they grow. Sports are also one of the best ways for them to make new friends and learn the...

10 (More) Ways To the Healthiest You

by Marika Flatt with Kinsley Fisher on November 1, 2018

As I mentioned in "12 Ways To the Healthiest You," this past year I’ve been on a quest to become the healthiest me I can be, and I’m still a #workinprogress. Appearance is a driver...

Alive + Well: The Immersive Health & Wellness Experience

by Babs Chandrasoma on May 3, 2018

Hill Country Apothecary Compounding + Wellness Pharmacy opened in 2013 and is the creation of visionary entrepreneur Adam Metcalf, who holds a doctorate in pharmacy. The business thrived based on a simple principle passed on...

Eat Well and Be Kind (To Our Planet)

by Samantha Bartholomew, MS, RDN on April 18, 2018

Everyday could be Earth Day by including sustainable, plant-based proteins in your diet! Here are three great options that you should consider: Black Beans If you are looking for an affordable, filling and delicious source...

7 Foods You Thought Were Healthy

by Nick Bailey on January 27, 2017

If you’re aiming eat right this year, you may want to read those labels a little closer the next time you’re walking down the grocery isles. You might be setting yourself up for a dietary...